A Virtual Museum of Classic Supercomputers, Mainframes, and Minicomputers

The Nostalgic Computing Center is a network of live, virtual computer systems from the 1970's, 1980's, and early 1990's. The systems are iconic machines from that era including CDC and Cray supercomputers, IBM mainframes, DEC and PRIME minicomputers, and others. Here, you may login and experience for yourself the souls of these awe-inspiring machines.

The network includes the following types of machines and operating systems. Click on a machine description to reveal details and access links enabling you to login and learn more about it. After logging into a machine, you may interact with its programming languages, networking capabilities, and other unique features.

Click on the computer room door to explore a three dimensional model of a classic machine room.

The diagram, below, depicts the topology of the network and shows how the machines comprising it are interconnected using data communication technologies of the era. Click on any node in the diagram to reveal details about it. Click on any edge in the diagram to reveal information about the respective data communication technology.

This site is made possible by:

Managing Director and Chief Curator: Kevin Jordan

Contact: admin@nostalgiccomputing.org